Thursday, August 21, 2014

at the jetty


first,I let Karma know,
even though Elvis was my buddy for two weeks,
she is top dog, loved and adored forever...

then there was this reminder
of the magic of the florida skies...

sunset afterglow

and I indulged in two of these this afternoon,
which despite the name, came straight to me
from paris

my treat from paris

going home


a full last two days in DC....
met my daughter for lunch
viewed the Wyeth exhibit of his "window" paintings, stunning
spent an afternoon in the national gallery's sculpture garden


had two dinners at home with the lovely couple
a final quiet morning with my buddy Elvis
then to DCA
where we sat on the tarmac waiting for the storms to pass


greeted at TPA with open arms and Karma who sat in my lap
the entire drive home....
what a wonderful two weeks,
thanks for joining me.

Monday, August 18, 2014

elvis and me

elvis and me

so this was the last day of our two weeks together...

ha, I thought I'd get a photo of Elvis and me together.
the outtakes were hilarious,
mostly of him turning his face away,
or trying to play with the camera.
it was totally different than when I just shoot one like this,
as he wanders by me and stands for a bit.

so this is it.
I'm actually hanging out in DC for another day,
but it's back to regular programming for Elvis.
we were both delighted to see the young couple
arrive this evening!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

outdoor living


our day began and ended on the backyard deck.
breakfast for both of us.
then an Elvis walk.


retreat to the deck to read and muse.
off to the market.
a gelato and some people watching at Dupont Circle.



back to the deck to finish my book.
talk to my love.
catch up on email.

dinner for Elvis.
an Elvis walk.
then dinner for me.

a very fine day.


Saturday, August 16, 2014


hanging out

just another grand day
hanging out
in the backyard
with Elvis
reading Bebe

hanging out

hanging out

Friday, August 15, 2014

hanging out


same as yesterday...
gorgeous weather,
spent the afternoon
hanging out in the backyard
with my buddy Elvis





Thursday, August 14, 2014

all roads lead to....


around here, all roads lead to western....

it's the street two blocks over
that divides DC and Maryland.

I've discovered
that no matter which way I turn
to head back to Elvis's house,

I end up on western.
it's my new GPS strategy.


in other events, Elvis and I
spent nearly all of this glorious day outside,

it was sunny, breezy, and cool....
just like a perfect fall day,

not the usual sweltering DC heat of August.
I worked and he kept track of the neighborhood.

a couple more nose shots, I love these:



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

it rained...hard

rainy day

rainy and dark today,
this was not just a little drizzly rain,
it came down hard for most of the morning....

rainy day

rainy day

so we enjoyed the indoors,
skipped the walk and market,
and did some serious working and sleeping...

rainy day


Monday, August 11, 2014



as if in sync with reading about french parenting,
I happened upon these words today:

It is good to know something of the customs of different people in order to judge more soundly of our own, and so that we might not think that all that which is contrary to our own ways be ridiculous and contrary to reason, as those who have seen nothing have the habit of doing. ~ Descartes~

Sunday, August 10, 2014

sunday market


breakfast and walk, as usual,
but instead of making our stop at the local market stand,
I left Elvis home and headed to Dupont Circle for the Sunday market.

sunday market

you can buy fresh meals, as well as produce, at this market
so I bought my dinner,
greens, crabcake, and peach gazpacho.

sunday market

I browsed in the Kramer bookstore,
adding another one to my reading list,
Vintage Munro, a new collection of her life's work.

stopped for coffee,
then, as I usually do when I drive in DC,
took a longer route than planned (it's those diagonal streets that confuse me)

sunday market

Elvis was happy to see me.
after his early evening walk and dinner,
I sat down to enjoy my market feast.

sunday market

Saturday, August 9, 2014

eat, walk, rest, repeat

late afternoon light

the routine with Elvis, reminds me
just a little of what it's like to have your day
revolve around a young child....

though Elvis is far easier,
as I am recalling those years while reading
Bringing Up Bebe


it's an interesting book
from several points of view,
parenting, obviously

but more subtly, cultural differences,
which always fascinate me
because they offer another perspective on things I take "as is"

and also, for me, the living in Paris part too
transporting me back to our month there
in our little flat

oh, but I'm here in DC, walking Elvis!!

black & white

Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

at home with elvis

at home with elvis

in answer to a question about the house,
yes, in a way there are two living rooms,
there's the usual one in the main part of the house

(here behind elvis)

at home with elvis

and there's the big room with lots of angles
and tall windows on three sides, a beautiful addition
by the previous owners (he was an artist).

this is where I spend my time,
the light is wonderful and the open windows
make me feel almost like I'm outside.

(here elvis sometimes lies at, or on, my feet)

at home with elvis

for my daughter and her husband,
it's the room where they entertain.
(I actually don't know what they call this room.)

another cool feature of this house
is the huge closet with a full wall mirror
that is my daughter's hangout and exercise space.

here I am enjoying the space
(the ladder goes to a loft that's only big enough for a kid)


unrelated to all this....
I have a new favorite fruit,
the doughnut peach.
perfect size for me,
so easy to pit and peel,
and so very sweet and yummy.

doughnut peach

Wednesday, August 6, 2014




so went our morning.


I was on the phone
and computer
most of the afternoon.

elvis comes by now and then
so I can scratch his head
or rub his belly.

mostly, he curls up beside the couch
in the other room,
to keep an eye on me.

we take a break together
in the backyard, walking and stretching
before we return to our "work".

at home with elvis

I work in their big,
airy room, with the windows open.
barely 80 here today!

then there was market goodness
for dinner.

round yellow "lemon" cucumber

and an evening walk with elvis.