Sunday, October 19, 2014



a full weekend...
of family, visiting mom
of meals shared

b&w challenge::5/5

the morning walks...
always something new to see in the harbor,
sailboats and kayaks this day

and some attempts at editing in b&w
for a photo challenge...
the boy with his big fish is my favorite

b&w challenge::4/5

and there is always the sunset
the perfect ending,
and beginning for a new week...


Friday, October 17, 2014

morning walks


it's deadline time again for work,
but the delights of our morning walks
carry me through the days

early morning

early morning

early morning

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

around here

miss k

there's miss K, getting used to me
with the camera again...
what a goofy face!

around here

there is breakfast outside now
that it is cooler, only 80!
and I linger, listening to the constant thunder
in the distance....

around here

there's rain,
lots and lots of it...
our little path to the car
requires wading


there's always a glorious sunset...
and neighbors to join at sundown
catching up on everyone's comings and goings...

Monday, October 13, 2014

good morning!


so quickly I returned to our routines,
karma was ready to go out this morning,
and what a glorious morning of brilliant blue sky,
warm air, though less humid than when I left....

I just soaked it in
and had breakfast on our deck
before diving into work....
I am so happy to be home with my beloved and miss K!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

and so...

the mighty river

I returned south today,
following that mighty river below...
contemplating life,
changes, looking forward to those big welcome home hugs,
and karma's little whining routine...
she stayed in my lap for the entire drive from tampa
flight is so amazing...
a time warp, tonight I sit here in florida,
like I was never gone,
this morning I was contemplating the beauty of fall in the midwest


Saturday, October 11, 2014

bits of home

bits of home

as I prepare to return to our florida home this weekend,
I take in the details of our minnesota home,
favorite quirks, like the mailbox
with the original owner's name....

the woman who built this beautiful home
in 1950 and lived her until her death
in the 1990s. living here I think we
have gotten to know her in some subliminal way....

bits of home

I would love to sit with her over tea or coffee
and share stories of this special place she built.
when we moved here, I said I would never move again.
that's the problem with "never"!

we have loved this home, its gifts
and its stories, and now we let go
for someone new to make their home...
and hope it is loved as we have loved it.

bits of home

of course, we have yet to sell it...
so it remains ours for a while longer
and we plan to return next month to
truly begin the unraveling....

so today, I just soak in its goodness,
looking forward to returning to our new home,
to E and miss K, to my beloved beach....
it is all so good, really.

bits of home

Thursday, October 9, 2014

my little corner

my little corner

waiting for the boiler guys,
early this morning,
captured the brilliant light
on my little corner...

the rest of the story was,
to put it mildly, exasperating,
I used other words
when at 6, I still had no heat.

back they came,
someone forgot to turn on the return line....
don't you guys use a checklist I asked,
finally, the house is cozy and warm!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

sunday's coffee shop

spyhouse coffee

spyhouse coffee

spyhouse coffee

coffee house
in northeast minnepolis
they call it "spyhouse coffee"

Friday, October 3, 2014

hello from sweet saint paul (or the week with no internet)


dear friends....
I hope you have not given up on me this week.
(I truly have missed this space and all of you!)

last friday, I flew to our "old" home in saint paul,
to assess what we need to do to get it on the market,
just before winter, right?

I was prepared for the flood of feelings.
the moment I walked through the door,
it felt like we had never left.

but we have, and soon, it took hold
that I am ready to let go of sweet saint paul.
it's been my home for thirty years.

longer than that for E.
we raised three kids here...
and shared two homes.

earlier, I had cancelled our internet service provider,
having no idea it would take more than a week to get it re-established.
so I have worked from coffee shops all week....

but I did continue
to capture my days,
so here is my week in brief....

friday's sunset flight


awakening to the magical light
in our tree-house bedroom
on saturday morning

magical morning light

on sunday, I surveyed the yard,
so green from all the extra rain this summer,
and so overgrown, with creeping charlie and lots of other uncontrollables


monday, I needed this quiet moment
after learning we need a new boiler,
and it would be days before I could get an internet connection


worked all day tuesday at my favorite coffee shop,
but had this wonderful moment
of deer in our them, but wish they would eat only the weeds!


wednesday was a total blur
of medical tests and screenings,
the usual annual stuff....and then the relief....all good for another year


thursday, I allowed myself a day to recuperate
....a very good day to stay it poured all day,
so in the evening when I had no photos, took this with my iphone and played with it in snapseed


namaste! it might be monday (when I finally get internet at home)
before I'm enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

bits of conversation


visiting mom this morning....

hi mom!

good morning, she greets me.

how are you?

slow, she says.

well, you have earned that.

she does not open her eyes
and soon falls asleep.

I stay in her room for a while and work.
then leave for an hour for another project.

when I return....

hi mom!

you're late! she says.

well, now that was a new one!

her caregiver tries to say I'm not late,

but I laugh...

yes, I am often late and she remembers!


she dozes off again,
and I say my good-byes for the day,

taking with me
those precious bits of conversation.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

those white birds again!

those white birds again!

those white birds again!


those white birds again!

those white birds again!

it was a blue and white morning....
the water was a deep blue,
the morning sun was barely peeking through the grayish blue cloud cover....

and there were the egrets, snowy and great whites,
all lined up fishing,
hovering for the catch, back to the rocks to eat....

it is an amazing sight,
and they are there every morning....
a glorious awakening to my day!

* can you see all five in that first one?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

that sky


back to work today,
so neglected my camera
until the end of the day,
and the florida sky thrilled as always!

Monday, September 22, 2014

and so....


this monday, it rained
most of the day

there was a break in the early morning
for a karma walk under cloudy skies

little blue heron

a little blue heron
took a short stroll along our wall

and the flowers
shined in their wetness

after the rain

and today, we had a technology breakthrough!
I upgraded my iphone for the new iOS 8
and was delighted to discover I now have wifi calling....

we have struggled within these walls
with our cell phones, having to go to the beach
or parking lot to make or receive calls....

tonight for the first time,
I was able to have an entire conversation

Sunday, September 21, 2014

on the roof

on our roof

mid-morning when the sun chased away the rain,
I looked up, startled to see
this great blue on our roof.

the heron seemed to be after the bugs,
or maybe the baby geckos or snails
that the rain brings out.

on our roof

on our roof

what a grand bird it is....
fluid movements,
all pulled in, then fully upright,

the neck retracting, then stretching,
its throat in constant motion,
yet no sound.

on our roof

on our roof

Saturday, September 20, 2014

wind and rain

windy days

windy days

windy days

rainy, windy days
since we returned.

blustery winds, cleansing the air,
blowing through our little living space.

the sounds of the wind and rain
through the night.

windy days