Saturday, December 20, 2014

in black & white


I will miss this view,
morning with sun,
night with the streetlight

the sorting continues,
another good load went to goodwill today.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

at home with karma

at home with karma

after a visit with elvis,
I feel I must give karma equal billing...

just the two of us are here in st paul this week,
watching the days go by through the windows.

(E flew south for few days, but he'll be
back to join us for a wintry holiday.)

monday, it was foggy and warm,
and we walked the open space (i.e., the golf course).


tuesday, the snow returned,
very lightly, just enough to cover the brown.

snowy day

wednesday, the sun was brilliant as we began our day,
and the sunset was glorious as the day ended (quite early, I might add, as we near the solstice).

morning sun

today, returned to cloudy, so I leave you
with last night's sunset.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

at home with elvis


just a few more photos of my DC weekend...

hanging out with elvis
sitting by the fire
enjoying the warmth of the holiday
and good

the last one was taken by my daughter!

family times

family times

family times

family times

Sunday, December 14, 2014

baby times


just back from a whirlwind weekend in DC
to visit my daughter
and be at her baby shower...


her friends gave her the perfect party,
no games, just great food, great women
and lots of shared mama stories


it was a bring-a-book party...
the moms in the group gave
their own kids' favorites...


train books, number and alphabet,
poetry, classics and new ones...
a mix of board books with hard and soft covers


and a few special ones...
worn favorites of the parents-to-be
carried in the suitcases of the grandmas-to-be


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

coffee break

spyhouse coffee

a quick coffee break today...

and boxes

carry on...

spyhouse coffee

Sunday, December 7, 2014



enjoyed a slow morning
before tackling the boxes.
another ten sorted and purged...

delighted to have the youngest
show up to help lift and move
them around...

the sorting continues

Saturday, December 6, 2014

saturday night, saint paul

at home up north

just a quiet evening
with my two favorites
here in saint paul

a delightful capture of E
and a blurry Karma, moving
just as I clicked


Friday, December 5, 2014

breakfast date

breakfast date

we stopped for a late breakfast
after fasting
for our early morning appointments.

we always enjoy this little piece
of france tucked away in minneapolis.
and we brought home some yummy to-gos for dinner.

no cooking today!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

deja vu


today, a rerun of my old office life...
drove the route I used to take every workday
to downtown minneapolis
to join some favorite lawyer colleagues for lunch.

it had been a year since we last gathered,
though there had been some online conversations,
there was much to share,
of travel, work, family life....graduations, engagements, and babies due!

returning along my familiar route
I passed the office building
(the white one reflected in the photo)
where I spent the first twelve years of my lawyering life.

I have no wish to return to office life,
but it was a fun rerun...
so many changes,
yet so much the same.

life goes on in the cold


we seem to be preoccupied
by the shortness of the days
sunrise at 7:48 this morning

and the cold...
zero yesterday when I took this brilliant light
streaming into the living room


we are fully in saint paul mode,
lots of layers,
eating comfort foods,
especially turkey and gravy

spend part of the afternoon
with a good friend today,
we plotted her escape to florida this winter,
and our return to minnesota in the warmer months

and stories,
we had so many stories to share
it was so very good

Sunday, November 30, 2014

¡quince primaveras!

quince primaveras

fifteen is a special birthday celebration
for girls in Latin American...

quince primaveras

I love the spanish phrase describing this special birthday
quince primaveras or fifteen springs

quince primaveras

last night we celebrated quince primaveras
for this special young woman,
whom we have known from birth...

E and I have happily filled in as her mom's minnesota family
for her and her brother (our godson), since their mom's family
lives in Uruguay

quince primaveras

quince primaveras

she was born the fall my daughter left for college
this little one stole my heart
that was aching that year

for much of her first year,
she came once a week to our house,
oh, what joy to watch her and her brother grow all these years

quince primaveras

quince primaveras

now she is in high school
a thoughtful, articulate young woman...
like her mom, my daughter, and others, soon she will join them, shaping her world

quince primaveras

quince primaveras

for the holidays, they are heading south
where it is summertime
to celebrate quince primaveras with their mom's family

we love these two
and their developing understanding of the world's complexities...
the gift of their multi-cultural heritage


Friday, November 28, 2014

cozy and grateful


we are staying cozy
in our st paul home....
enjoying this last bit of winter here.

will I miss it?
sort of, I love the beauty of the winter
and the brisk cold is fine for a few weeks,

but I will not miss its length,
especially with this year's winter
beginning so early in november.

and I will not miss how winter saps my energy,
this week has been a good reminder,
as I struggle to get out of bed for that brisk walk!


and in gratitude,
I want to thank all of you, my readers,
for coming to this space, supporting my efforts,
and leaving me so many generous comments and thoughts.
I am especially grateful for all of you
during this year in which we have made so many changes in our lives.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

a quiet holiday


of the sort that we have grown to love...
though we miss the young people,
we are spread out too much to gather for this holiday.

we awoke to bright blue skies,
the temperature was zero
and the morning walk was brisk.

we picked up our traditional meal
at our favorite restaurant
that provides holiday meals to go.

all that needed to be done was roast the turkey breast
and heat up the rest.
a grand meal with little preparation.

hope your day was lovely too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014




Tuesday, November 25, 2014

more winter


acclimating to the colder weather,
warmer clothes,
white on the ground


I always find winter beautiful,
but this one will be short for us

as we will be heading back south
in two or three weeks.

meanwhile we are trying to sort out our lives,
what part to leave behind, what to take south!


Monday, November 24, 2014

oh yes, there was snow


no balmy weather this day....

the madison forecast this morning
was rain starting at 10, snow at noon

which was quite accurate.
we drove through the winter storm system

to the other side, where it stopped
about an hour out from saint paul

arriving safely
just before dark

more later....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

sunday at the farmette

sunday at the farmette

the balmy weather held
and we arrived in madison
at our friend's farmhouse
right on time....

we talked nonstop
the whole evening
before sleeping off
the fatigue of the long drive....

sunday at the farmette

the rains began this morning,
but we did not care....
we spent the day
eating wonderful, fresh food....

writing, planning trips....
discussing the arrival
of our first grandchildren,
who are due one month apart

sunday at the farmette

sunday at the farmette

in the evening her daughter,
soon-to-be mom, and husband
came for their sunday night family dinner....
more great food

tomorrow, we head further north
to our destination....saint paul
today, was the most wonderful
respite in our travel

thank you Nina and Ed!!

sunday at the farmette